Bangar Compares Rohit and Pujara’s Performance


Former India batting coach Sanjay Bangar compared India skipper Rohit Sharma‘s performance in Nagpur to Cheteshwar Pujara’s innings in Australia. India thrashed Australia by an inning and 132 runs in the opening Test of the four-match series, with Rohit scoring a century.

Bangar, speaking to Star Sports, compared Rohit’s innings to Pujara’s against Australia in Australia because of the manner he dominated the spinners in Nagpur.

“The best thing for me was that the intent was good in any case, but he even stepped out and defended quite a few balls. He reminded me of Cheteshwar Pujara because the way Cheteshwar Pujara defeated Australia in Australia, Rohit Sharma defeated the spinners in the same way in India,”

said Bangar.

Bangar’s views on Rohit

According to the former India player, Rohit batted differently on the two days and sought to take advantage of the circumstances in Nagpur.

Bangar also added that on each of the two days, he batted differently. The approach was different when he arrived on the first day. He understood he had to capitalize because when a team is down, you have to be proactive. He adopted a more defensive posture as they improved their bowling. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t go for the loose balls. 

He stated that Rohit came down the field frequently and guarded rather than taking huge shots.

Is the Sun missing? No. But something else is going on out there.

Bangar also stated that Rohit came down the field many times and defended himself. Normally, players or batters plan to hit huge smashes after stepping out, but he remained restrained and demonstrated this by executing it very effectively.

Finally, Bangar stated that Rohit batted with tremendous respect and attention in Nagpur, noting that he put away everything short that the Australians threw at him.

Bangar also noted that he batted with tremendous respect and attention when the fast bowlers bowled the hard lengths when you can’t go forward or back. He also pulled excellently when the balls were a little short or on the leg side.

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