Ben Foster says that Chelsea must have made this man their captain instead of James

Goalkeeper Ben Foster believes that Chelsea made a mistake in their skipper’s choice as Reece James. Foster says that Thiago Silva should have been the captain instead of James. The 23-year full back was announced as the captain at the start of this season. He has been with the club since his boyhood and is a Cobham graduate. The Chelsea prodigy was a popular choice for the role of skipper in this summer.

However, Foster does not has the same views as those at Chelsea. He believes that there might be some pressure at Stamford Bridge in their choice. Though, he has made a valid point. The Englishman has been too much injury-prone throughout his career and this season as well. Moreover, Silva is the most experienced player as well in the whole squad.

Foster said on his YouTube channel,

“With regards to the captaincy, give it to Thiago Silva because it takes the pressure off Reece James.

Reece James is a Ferrari. I think he’s that good of a player when he’s fit and firing… I think they’ve heaped too much pressure on him. They’ve probably rushed him back with injuries. They’ve given him the captaincy. There’s too much focus on him. He wants to just get back to playing football.”

Despite this, fans at Stamford Bridge still believe that James was the right choice. The right-back will need to learn from his mistakes and grow as a leader. Moreover, Chelsea will be looking for a ;long-term player to lead the squad with Silva leaning towards the end of his phenomenal career. When fit, James is also the first man on the Chelsea’s sheet. The only thing he must focus on is his fitness.

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