Bernardo Silva comments on the Premier League narrative

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Bernardo Silva have questioned the Premier League title race narrative regarding Arsenal. Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva have hit back on the Premier League narrative. Arsenal are currently sitting at the top of the table. Furthermore they are currently 8 points of Manchester City. However City still have one game in hand. Even with that the Gunners would still be 5 points of City.

Bernardo Silva have now commented on the narrative surrounding Arsenal. City have won the title quite a few times in the previous seasons. Therefore the concept of experience is thrown around quite a few times this season. However the word was used for both in defense and criticism of the two sides. Silva comes out to argue on the narrative that’s being set here.

Bernardo Silva questions this season’s Premier League narrative

Surprisingly these words come out after Pep Guardiola was seen commenting that Arsenal are hungrier this season. He believes that the Gunners’ wait for the tile made them hungrier than City players.

Bernardo Silva however argued, “Some people say ‘City are more experienced’ and others say ‘oh, because they’ve won it in the past, they don’t want to win it any more’. For Arsenal, it’s the same. One day they don’t have enough experience to win it, but the next day it’s ‘oh they’re very hungry because they’ve never won it’. Experienced or inexperienced, they are there. They are very good and deserve to be there.”

He further explained, “I think we’re playing our best football of the season, Where we are at the moment is the best we’ve played, by far.

“It could be a very important game against them, but we have big games before then. If we slip up before then, it doesn’t matter what happens in that game.”

The Gunners have an obvious lead in the title race this season. However City are also currently performing their absolute best right now. They recently got a thumping 4-1 victory over Liverpool. Therefore many people will agree with Bernardo Silva when he says that they are indeed playing the best football.

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