Bharat Arun: MS Dhoni looked after small things when Virat Kohli became captain

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Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni are two of the most famous cricketers of India. Over the years, they have had exceptional relations not only on the field but off the field as well. The chemistry of both has always got a lot of attention as well in the media.

When Dhoni gave up the role of the captain of the Indian team, Virat was selected as his successor. This transition between them happened very swiftly as they share a great bond and respect towards each other. Although in the media, we have heard about controversies between them but all of those were just meant to be rumors.

When Kohli became the captain, Dhoni was still playing for the National Team at that time. During that time we have seen on many instances that Dhoni took some decisions although Virat was the captain.

They both spend a lot of time for the team’s benefit. Recently in an interview Bharat Arun, the former bowling coach of India, described how Virat let Dhoni change little things in the field according to his will.

How team worked according to Bharat Arun

Arun also said how the former coach Ravi Shastri always used to appraise the importance of having a senior member like Dhoni in the team. Respecting a senior will ultimately help the team as he will put all his experience for the benefit of all the others.

These things were very clear to Virat as he understood them pretty well, which helped them have seamless transmission. He witnessed this as we saw how Dhoni made slight changes when Virat was patrolling the boundary. This instance is a great example of the trust and respect they have for one another.

In the recently concluded T20 World Cup, MS Dhoni was added to the team as a mentor. Although the team was unable to achieve the desired results, it was certainly a good idea to get such an influencing figure in the staff of the team. 

Bharat Arun also spoke about former coach Ravi Shastri and his time at the team as a coach. Shastri’s coaching tenure was all about proper cricketing values and learning from past mistakes and moving on. 

“Fearlessness and honesty. During his tenure, there was absolutely no agenda. The decisions might have been right or wrong, that is irrelevant, but they came from the right place, purely thinking about team values and what we stood for as a team. Honesty encompasses criticism, self-introspection. It was in telling the team that ‘accept that we messed up. It helped us evolve the team.”

added Bharat.

After the T20 World Cup, Virat stepped down as the captain of the shorter format, moreover, Ravi Shastri’s contract also came to an end. Now Rahul Dravid has become the head coach of the team and Rohit Sharma is the new captain of the shorter format. However, Virat is still the captain for the tests and the ODIs.

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