Blackpool reject offer from Nottingham Forest for youngster

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According to a report by Football Insider, Blackpool have rejected an offer from Nottingham Forest for Josh Bowler. Bowler is a 23 year old player who plays as a winger forward. According to the same report, Blackpool wants £4 million for the player. Moreover, it seems likely that Blackpool will get the offer that they want due to Bowler’s impressive performances.

Nottingham Forest have already signed 18 players this season. However, adding some more quality certainly won’t hurt. The Blackpool youth is performing superbly for the team. In the opening six games for Blackpool, Bowler has found the net twice. This impressive performance from Bowler has kept hope alive for a new bid to appear to Blackpool before the transfer window closes. It is worth noting that Bowler just has a year left on his contract with Blackpool. Losing the player on a meager fee is better than losing him on a free transfer the next season.

Blackpool manager insists that no contact has been made

Blackpool manager Michael Appleton is quite relaxed about all the transfer rumors about the player. The manager insists that he is doing all he can to ensure that Bowler plays the game and play with the flair that he is carrying around with him for the past few matches.

“I’m quite relaxed about it to be honest. The only thing I can affect is his state of mind. If I can affect that in a good way and keep him positive, that allows him to go into the game and continue to play with the freedom he’s shown recently. If that happens then I’m doing my bit and playing my role. Hopefully it will help towards another three points or one point, whatever it may be, and we continue to rack up the points in this early part of the season.”

Michael Appleton via The Gazette

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