Capello drew Wijnaldum and Locatelli similitude in an interview

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In the latest interview with Gazetta dello Sport, the legendary Italian manager Fabio Capello talked about the current scene of Italian football. The reporter asked him to comment on the latest transfers, compare current and former footballers, and much more.

When asked about who currently looks like have the upper hand in winning the Scudetto, the former Juventus and Roma manager said:

“It happens that Roma can no longer hide. At the moment, only Inter is one step ahead of the others assuming they do not sell Skriniar and Dumfries. But otherwise the Giallorossi are up to Juve, which already has its problems, and Milan.”

Fabio Capello commented on Roma at length on the following topics:

Jose Mourinho

“Jose is a winner, and he proved it at Roma too. Now he has a team that lives up to his expectations, but he is perfect in managing the group and therefore he will have no problems.”

Zaniolo transfer

“Zaniolo is a great talent, to whom we only have to wish health for the qualities he has. But I am convinced that ownership would replace it in an appropriate way.”

Scudetto dream

“They do well. They have a strong team and the passion has awakened. Just see the Olimpico full in last season’s finale and the season tickets they have already made. And then you saw what a spectacle the presentation of Dybala? Fantastic. The risk in Rome, in fact, is always the usual: too much euphoria”

Dybala as Totti

“Look, football is constantly evolving, but if it’s a game I tell you that the Argentine has the touch of the ball, the ability to find his partner and the ease of scoring goals that Francesco had.”

Tammy Abraham vs Gabriel Batistuta

Let’s go slowly. Gabriel was a professor of the penalty area. The sense of the door that he possessed has had few footballers in the world. Abraham is certainly more mobile, but we are on another level for the moment.”


“I followed him to Liverpool and he is a very good player. One of those midfielders good at verticalizing immediately that Mourinho likes. In some ways he looks a bit like Juve’s Locatelli, and look I have great respect for this player.”

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