Champions League winning manager is not wanted by big clubs


This summer market will be hot for manager position. Managers like Zinedine Zidane, Antonio Conte, Thomas Tuchel, Jurgen Klopp, and Jose Mourinho. With such a wide range of managers its hard for clubs to choose one of them to build their project. Many Champions League winning managers are needed by clubs for the grand stage. Clubs like Liverpool, and Bayern Munich, will have their manager position open this summer will have tons of options.

Chelsea, who are currently in a tight spot for European football, might want a change. Thomas Tuchel is the latest, with the German winning Chelsea the Champions League in 2021, while Antonio Conte and Jose Mourinho have also had good spells at Stamford Bridge. All three of them won some major trophies with the club including the league title. Jose Mourinho, who is a club legend for Chelsea, might be an option for the Blues.

Bold claim about former Champions League winning Chelsea manager

Even though Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte are loved by all however same cannot be said for Tuchel. Describing the German as a manager who “divides”, former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan does not think some of the top clubs in the world would go near him.

Discussing Tuchel on talkSPORT, Jordan said: “I don’t think there’s ever a parallel universe where Liverpool would take Thomas Tuchel as their manager, absolutely not. I don’t think Manchester United would take him, I don’t think Manchester City would take him, I don’t think Arsenal would take him, I don’t think Real Madrid would take him. I think they look at the reality of what Tuchel can and can’t be. I think he divides. I think he doesn’t create unity.

It looks like a tough road for German Manager who will play second leg against Real Madrid in UCL. He is facing heavy criticism for losing the Bundesliga to Bayern Leverkusen.

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