Chelsea are looking to sign new midfielder named Michael Olise

Chelsea are looking to sign some new midfielder to improve the midfield are which was weaker this year.

They interested to Michael Olise in the upcoming transfer window, they believe olise the best fit for the team as he young and yet to his complete potential.

Chelsea was seen back in action once again in the Premier league in last few matches where they have shown their quality and shown what they can really do.

In the game against forest they were very good whether it is in term of defending or in terms of attacking.

Blues still have left three more games in the league to play before this season ends, a season to forget for according to the fans. They are hoping to seal place in the European competition whether it is conference league or europa league.

Mauricio Pochettino’s side did not played in any of the European competition this season. Playing in a European helps players and the club to improve their quality of the football they are playing. it gives experience to the young players which chelsea have a lot.

Michael Olise a future prospect for Chelsea

Playing in a European competition should be must for Chelsea in the next season as it will be beneficial for the team and for the club, all the young players of Chelsea will gain a lot of experience which they never had.

This means there is a lot which on stake, blues had to play very hard in the remaining games of the league which will help them to guarantee a European competition for next season.

On the other side Todd Boehly and his staff had already started looking for some new players which they think is necessary for them in the upcoming transfer window. They think there is still room for improvement in the squad and wants to improve the squad for the next season.

According to some journalist, Chelsea is the main contender in all the english clubs who are looking to sign Crystal Palace star Michael Olise for next season.

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