Chelsea consider £50 million Nottingham Forest player after failed deal


In recent news, young athlete Michael Olise Opted to stay at Crystal Palace. Thus Chelsea in their dire need of a replacement have set their eyes on Nottingham Forest player Brennan Johnson.

With the many rumours of the player’s Selhurst Park transfer, Michal Olise recently confirmed his 4 year extension with the Eagles. While this may be good news for Connor Gallagher, the Blues as a whole did not prepare for the sudden decision.

Moreover, the Eagles were unhappy with the Blues’ attempts at convincing Olise to join. Said attempts may have been illegal as they seem to violate the league’s transfer rules. For the time being, no party has taken any legal action towards the accusations.

This new change of plans lead the club to consider other options. Brennan Johnson, one of the shortlisted candidates, seems to be a person of interest.

Why Chelsea is likely to choose Forest player

The Blues have already attempted and failed to obtain the player via a £35 million bid. And yet, the club is still negotiating for the now £50 million rated player.

Pochettino has repeatedly expressed his desire to reinforce his current midfield. And with the recent loss of a solid midfielder’s transfer, Johnson’s appeal grew significantly.

Despite his inefficiency at long passes, the welsh can be a decent addition to the team. His mastery over short passes and competent dribbling can cover said weakness. However, some fans are sceptical of the good this addition will bring.

Some fans however are more concerned with the club’s current spending situation. the Blues have spent £275 million this season alone. And with the club showing no signs of changing this tactic, many wonder the validity of the approach.

But overall, Brennan Johnson’s capabilities as a midfielder will certainly suffice Chelsea.

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