Chelsea continues to disappoint after another loss against Aston Villa

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Chelsea recently added another loss to their streak with a disappointing 1-0 defeat against Aston Villa, reaffirming all the pre-existing worry.

The Blues are yet to make any form of progress in regards to fixing the issue plaguing them this season. At the moment, the club has not scored a single goal this entire month, not one over all 3 games played this month. The club is currently resting at the 14th position of the points table, with just 5 points collected this season.

The club was the biggest spender of the last summer window, with over £300 Million spent on newpl players. This however, only adds to the current spite the fans have as the club has gone even lower than before.

The club purchased young players with long contracts in an effort to prepare for the future, compromising the status quo.

The factors which lead Chelsea to its Aston Villa loss

According to defender William Gallas, winning is impossible with the current team formation, which, unfortunately, might not be changed at all.

“You can’t win the Premier League with only young players who don’t have experience. You need a mix. Only 4 players have that experience to help win the Premier League: Thiago Silva, Raheem Sterling, Reece James and Ben Chilwell. All the rest are young.” He stated on Twitter (X).

Another factor is the weak, and somewhat questionable performance of Nicolas Jackson, who scored just one goal since the start of the league. Furthermore, the player has collected 5 yellow cards, leading to his suspension from the upcoming game.

Some are excited as this change might be what the club needs to start its path back to glory. But until the next match, there is no possible way to know if the club will actually change it’s course.

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