Chelsea Eyeing Striker Who Impressed Gary Neville

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Last season, Ollie Watkins of Aston Villa impressed Gary Neville with his performance against Newcastle United. And this has caught the attention of Chelsea fans who are now considering a possible transfer move to Stamford Bridge.

According to esteemed journalist Simon Phillips, who shared his insights on Substack. Ollie Watkins has recently emerged as a potential transfer target for Chelsea in the upcoming summer window. Although it may prove challenging to persuade Aston Villa to part ways with their 27-year-old striker. He has now captured the attention of the Blues as they prepare for the new season.

Certain Chelsea fans might initially dismiss a potential target like Ollie Watkins, considering his background in the lower leagues of English football where he honed his skills. However, it is important to note that Watkins. An English center-forward with seven international caps. Is undoubtedly a player on the rise. In the previous season, he impressively netted 16 goals across all competitions while representing Aston Villa. With an impressive tally of 15 goals in the Premier League alone.

Chelsea and their views

Let’s revisit the analysis of Ollie Watkins by Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville. Who was thoroughly impressed by Watkins’ performance last season. In a surprising 3-0 victory against Newcastle United in April, the Chelsea target showcased his abilities by scoring two goals and providing an assist. Neville was astonished by how Watkins dismantled Newcastle’s solid defense, which had one of the best records for fewest goals conceded in the league.

During the Gary Neville podcast, he expressed his surprise at the exceptional level Watkins reached, stating, “Ollie Watkins, obviously I know he’s a good player, but it has really surprised me, the level he got to. Newcastle is a pretty mean defense, the meanest defense in the league, and I thought he absolutely killed them – I thought he destroyed them and could have had more.”

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