Chelsea Gear Up for Spurs with Key Players Returning from Injury

Chelsea haven’t been doing too well in the league under Mauricio Pochettino this season, winning just three games. However, they have a chance to turn things around and gain a confidence boost if they can secure a win against their long-time rivals, Tottenham, in the upcoming weekend.

Injuries have been a big problem for Chelsea, but there’s some good news with the possible return of Armando Broja and Reece James. Both players have had to be cautious due to hamstring problems. Also, it’s not sure if they’ll be able to play in the next game. Chelsea manager, Pochettino, when talking to reporters before the Monday night game, said,

I don’t know. We’ll see. We’ll see first of all if he’s available. Then if my decision is to play with him or not.

He highlighted the importance of James, captain of Chelsea and a key player as well, and explained the need to judge if he’s ready to start.

Mykhailo Mudryk might also return to training this week. This could be a big help after missing the last two games due to an injury during practice.

Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur: Preview

Chelsea has done well when playing against Spurs at Tottenham’s stadium, scoring 51 Premier League goals there. They also have four away wins at Tottenham, making them one of the strongest teams to face Tottenham in their new stadium.

Mauricio Pochettino’s return to North London has created a lot of excitement and emotion. His presence is expected to make the rivalry even more intense as he managed a record 202 Premier League games for Tottenham. Pochettino recognized the good times he had with Tottenham but also admitted that nothing could lessen the competitive spirit and importance of this match.

In summary, Chelsea are looking to improve their league standing, and a win against Tottenham would not only boost their position in the league but also give them a shot of confidence. As players recover from injuries and key figures potentially return, Chelsea is gearing up to face their arch-rivals in a fiery London derby once again.

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