Chelsea have four options available if they sack Graham Potter


Chelsea are expected to keep their faith in Graham Potter despite of growing concerns. Graham Potter is under a lot of scrutinies after his recent Chelsea performance. Potter is to be backed by Todd Boehly even after their unexpected loss to Southampton. The Blues suffered a 0-1 defeat against Southampton this Saturday. However, it is also believed that if Potter fails to deliver the results, Boehly could sack him. Boehly have already shown this ruthless side back in September. He decided to sack fan-favorite Thomas Tuchel back in September. Graham Potter has been the Chelsea manager since September. But so far have failed to show desirable results. This has been a disappointing season for the Blues so far. Boehly pulled the trigger on Tuchel because of the lack of results. Therefore there is no doubt that he would do the same if the need arises.

Chelsea could appoint any of these four managers if they sack Graham Potter

Zidane could be the one to replace Graham Potter at Stamford Bridge. A lot have changed since last September when Zidane was waiting for the French job to be available. But Didier Deschamps have now decided to extend his contract with the national team after the World Cup. Therefore now he could genuinely be an option for the Blues. Luis Enrique is another name that has popped up. Enrique could be a popular appointment at Stamford Bridge, as his side is known for playing proper eye-catching football. The coach improves the players on training grounds and have an extremely high tactician IQ. This could mean that he could help the Chelsea team if they decide to pull the trigger on Graham Potter. Thomas Tuchel can make a comeback at Stamford Bridge. If Boehly decides to bring him back, his appointment would be hugely supported by the fans.

Jose Mourinho could be another name on the Chelsea list. If re-appointing Tuchel was crazy, then the re-appointment of Mourinho would be insane. However, Mourinho does have a deep connection with Chelsea and therefore can make a return. At this moment Chelsea fans are disillusioned by Graham Potter. So having anyone as familiar as Mourinho could be what fans need right now.

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