Chelsea is looking for a defender to replace Thiago Silva

Last month Chelsea defender Thiago Silva announced that he will be living the club at the end of the season.

So now Chelsea are now looking for a defender who is well experienced like Thiago Silva and is also a great ball winning defender.

On the other side Man United defender Raphaël Varane also announced that he will be leaving the club at the end of the season as a free transfer.

Raphaël Varane had only played just 93 matches for Man United in three seasons, moving from Real Madrid in 2021.

varane also sent a farewell message to all the supporters and fans of Man United. He said ” it’s been an amazing few years to play for this special club and to wear that shirt”

Varane is very sad to leave the club

“The first time when i entered into the Old Trafford as a Man United player was just unbelievable, the atmosphere at the old trafford was just amazing. As soon as I entered in the stadium i fell in love with the club”

“Playing for Man United is just unbelievable, you don’t know what does it means unless and until you experience it.”

“For my family, it’s home here. It’s is a special place for me and for my family. When you see the fans singing the song for you, supporting you, it’s something that you will remember for the rest of your life. I was lucky to share this amazing moments.”

” We know that we had a very difficult season, but I’m very positive for the future. The new owners have arrived with a great plan and with a great strategy.”

“I’ll see you at the old trafford to say goodbye to all the fans at the last game at home for this season, that day will be very emotional for me.”

There has been some speculation that varane might be looking for a club back at spain as he misses his life at spain.

Chelsea are negotiating with Varane

Chelsea are looking for a central defender who can replace Thiago Silva from next season. After getting the news of Varane that he is leaving the club after this season. So now Chelsea is looking to sign Varane in the coming summer transfer.

Chelsea thinks varane will be the perfect replacement of Thiago Silva from next year. Varane will also bring a large amount of experience with him specially the experience of Champions league. Chelsea requires the players which have large amount of experience.

Chelsea are now creating a new plan, in which they are trying to create a team with the perfect balance of youth and new upcoming players with the veteran players who can also help the young players, they can give a lot of guidance to the upcoming players.

Varane might also accept the contract if offered by the blues as he wants to stay in england. His family is happy living england. He also loves the life in london. Varane will get a lot of game time in Chelsea which also help him to improve his form and he can also get back into the national team for the next world cup.

Chelsea is ready to pay a hefty salary to varane to convince him to join the team. Blues might also offer him the captaincy if he joins the club.

Mauricio Pochettino is also happy if varane comes to the club as it will help the club specially the defence area. He can also help the young players by giving some guidance to them.

Other clubs from different leagues are also looking to sign varane.

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