Chelsea legend reveals the football stars who exceeded his expectations

John Terry is a renowned English Footballer who gained iconic status while captaining Chelsea FC to multiple victories. He is a famous figure in the football world, known for his leadership and defensive abilities.

While speaking on the Obi One podcast recently, English football legend John Terry admitted that he regrets not giving much attention to present day football stars Mohammed Salah and Kevin De Bruyne while they were at Chelsea F.C.

When asked if he ever thought that they would achieve what they have, John terry responded by saying,

Absolutely not, no chance. It’s my one disappointment as captain.

Also, the former Chelsea captain added on saying,

I’m disappointed in myself as a captain and it’s a regret I have. I wouldn’t have said they would’ve gone to the levels they would’ve gone to, no chance.

Mohammed Salah and Kevin De Bruyne – Chelsea’s lost diamonds

Mohammed Salah is an Egyptian football player who plays for English club Liverpool F.C. He is widely recognized for his goal scoring ability and skillful play.

However, Salah’s time in England was not without challenges; after beginning his career at Chelsea, he struggled to secure a starting berth. The 31-year-old then went to Roma where he put in some impressive performances. He then later returned to English football after being signed by Liverpool in 2017.

Since then, he has won multiple trophies in his spell at Liverpool which includes the 2019 UEFA Champions League win.

Starting his career at Chelsea, Kevin De Bruyne is widely regarded as one of the best midfielders in history of world football. The Belgian international is known for his passing, vision and playmaking abilities.

After struggling at Chelsea, he was signed by Manchester City where his career flourished. He won numerous Premier League titles, FA Cups and the 2023 UEFA Champions League. He has been a driving force in the midfield, playing a pivotal role for Manchester City and the Belgian national team.

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