Chelsea looking to buy a football club in Argentina- confirms President


Chelsea club owners are looking to buy a football club in Argentina. The President confirms that Chelsea are heavily interested in investing a football club. The Blues are looking to copy the model of City Group of connected football clubs. It is according to the President Javier Milli, whose reforms can open a new era in football of the nation. Although Milli has been in power for few weeks, he is setting his eyes on football. AS cover comments from the Argentinian president today in an interview with La Nación+ as he sets about reforming various areas of the country, including its football clubs.

“There is not only one issue… First because there are many investments waiting. There are many international football clubs that want to invest in Argentina. It goes without saying that Argentina is a cradle of stars. So, there is a lot of business to be done with the Argentine case.

Suddenly, in a very short period of time, it could be representing investments of more than a billion dollars.

In this context, where we are adjusting and need a quick response… In fact, as soon as the decree came out, Chelsea became interested in investing in Argentina. And then it has other types of issues, which make up the debate.”

The owners at Stamford Bridge have been reckless in spending the money since taking over. Besides this, they are also spending in investing in clubs. Earlier this year they bought French club Strasbourg and plan to kee adding in the list. Now it seems that Milli’s reforms will pave way to the potential investments in the country.

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