Chelsea Manager Pochettino makes Joao Felix’s next move difficult

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Joao Felix has recently made the move to Barcelona, but the terms were quite unfavorable as Pochettino did not want him.

Atlántico Madrid loaned the player to Chelsea last season as they found no use for the man. The 23-year-old’s performance did not satisfy Chelsea‘s manager Mauricio Pochettino.

When given the chance to permanently transfer the player Pochettino refused, as his past participations showed the manager that he would not fit in the grand scheme of things.

With his future on the line on the last day of the transfer window, being under pressure was an understatement. Atlántico Madrid insisted that Barcelona must cover all of the player’s wages if he was to make a second transfer.

This was at the time an impossible condition. The spending and fees the club would have mustered for this sole individual were simply not worth the effort.

Was Pochettino The only chance Joao Felix had to leave his club?

Technically speaking, yes. But Félix was able to find his way around the issue through a compromise. The man chose to cut his wage in half to make the previously impossible bargain an easy decision.

Furthermore, due to certain clauses in the contract, the player will not be leaving Atletico Madrid until 2029.

Despite this, this seems to be a positive outcome for all parties involved. The owners still made a profit off of the player despite the reduction. And Barcelona finally landed a once troublesome deal without needing to ponder the costs.

As for João Félix, the player is happy with his decision. The man expressed that joining this club is his dream and that this loan is his path towards achieving it. And while he is only playing for the club for one year, his performance may change his circumstances.

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