Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante is close to signing with Barcelona

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Barcelona are close to signing Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante after his contract expires with the Blues. N’Golo Kante’s contract expires with Chelsea by the end of the season. The midfielder has been an important player for Chelsea in past seasons. But the player has lost his important position in the squad due to his injury issues. After spending a lot of time on the sidelines, the player seems ready to move on with a new club. Barcelona are taking all necessary steps to put themselves in the lead position to sign Kante. Reports suggest that N’Golo Kante wishes to leave Premier League and therefore will not sign another contract with Chelsea.

Barcelona are close to signing a contract with N’Golo Kante

The French midfielder have been in contact with the Catalan team since last summer. Though his position was not given much priority at that time. Reports suggest that the talks are nearly closing and it all actually depends on the player’s recovery from his hamstring injury. There are no doubts about his qualities, the player brings great physicality and experience to the team. Hence Kante will be a good addition to the Barcelona side. The Catalan sides are looking to find a replacement for Sergio Busquets, as he is expected to leave the team after his contract expires. Though he will not be a long-term solution as the player is just 4 years younger than the Spanish player. The deal will be finalized by January if the player recovers by that time. Barcelona wants to sign him as long as there is no injury concerns regarding him.

N’Golo Kante suffered a major stumbling block after his hamstring injury back in October. He had to miss the World Cup due to his injury. Therefore he will have to focus more on recovering quickly for Barca to sign him. Barcelona are also keeping a close eye on his teammate Jorginho, whose contract ends this season.

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