Chelsea midfielder pleaded manager for tactical changes against Spurs

Journalist Rahman Osman recently mentioned that during a match, Chelsea midfielder Enzo Fernandez tried to talk to his manager Mauricio Pochettino about changing their game plan. According to Osman, Pochettino seemed reluctant to alter their tactics even though Chelsea struggled early in the game against Tottenham.

The match began with Tottenham taking the lead quickly, causing Chelsea to face some difficulty. However, Tottenham lost their grip on the game and allowed Chelsea to get back into the match unnecessarily. Things took a turn when two players from Tottenham, Cristian Romero and Destiny Udogie, received red cards, leaving their team with fewer players on the field. Despite a lot of effort from both teams, the match ended 4-1 in favor of Chelsea.

The game was filled with drama, including two red cards and five goals that were disallowed alongside five valid goals. This chaotic match in North London will likely overshadow its beginning for most people. However, concerns may arise within Chelsea about their initial performance when both teams had equal players on the field.

Enzo Fernandez appealed to Chelsea manager Pochettino for tactical changes

Osman mentioned that Fernandez went to Pochettino during the first half, suggesting changes to cope with the midfield battle they were losing. However, the Chelsea boss seemed unmoved by the suggestions. Later on, Pochettino substituted Fernandez early in the second half. Also, he made a strategic move by shifting Cole Palmer into a more central role to create scoring opportunities.

This change influenced the game significantly, as Palmer, former Manchester City player, assisted one of Nicolas Jackson’s late goals. Chelsea secured their victory against Tottenham with these late goals, breaking Tottenham’s unbeaten streak up until that match. Tottenham Hotspur now have 8 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss in their first 11 matches.

In summary, during the match against Tottenham, Enzo Fernandez attempted to communicate with the coach for tactical changes, but Mauricio Pochettino seemed hesitant. Eventually, a strategic substitution made a crucial impact, contributing to Chelsea’s success away from home against a previously undefeated team.

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