Chelsea player Armando Broja might not return this season after his injury

Armando Broja Chelsea

Chelsea player Armando Broja might not return again this season after he suffered an injury. Medical expert Ben Dinnery have commented that the injury looks like a ligament injury. This could mean that Armando Broja won’t be back this season. The player was heard crying in pain during the club-friendly against Aston Villa. Armando Broja was forced off on a stretcher from the field. This has instilled fear in the fans, as he was a first-team player in his first season for Chelsea. Though the manager would be hopeful that the injury is not as bad as it looks. But experts suggest that things don’t look too nice for Armando Broja. Dinnery has suggested that if the injury consists of an ACL then he would have to go through surgery. That would end up being the end of his campaign early.

Armando Broja might miss out rest of the season due to an injury

Chelsea have been unlucky with injuries this season. A lot of first-team players have suffered injuries and have not yet returned to the team. Dinnery commented on Armando Broja,

“From that coming together, there’s a really strong chance of ligament damage. Of course, the next steps will be determined by how severe that is and which ligament is caused the problem.”

He further continued,

“We’ve seen the way the knee moved and bent, so there could be medial collateral ligament involvement, which is the one on the inside of the knee. But we couldn’t rule out a more serious setback, which would be the ACL. If it was the latter and we were talking about a rupture then, unfortunately, he would need to go under the knife and that would potentially be season-ending.”

Chelsea lacks in attacking options. Only Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Kai Havertz are the only options available for Chelsea. Both of them lack a threat to the defense and have also failed to score a lot of goals. With Armando Broja injured, Chelsea might look to sign a new striker immediately this January transfer window. Chelsea have reportedly signed a pre-agreement contract with RB Leipzig’s forward Christopher Nkunku. However, he will not be available to them till next summer.

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