Chelsea player Christian Pulisic has been shining at the World Cup

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Chelsea manager Graham Potter will be keeping an eye on the club players, Christian Pulisic is definitely one of them. The manager will be taking note of all the highs and lows of the World Cup, as it will help him to assess the situations of the players after they return to Stamford Bridge. One such player is definitely Cristian Pulisic, who has been amazing in the campaign so far. The American recently scored a goal against Iran which sent the USMNT to the next round. Pulisic although have failed to secure a position in the starting XI after moving from Borussia Dortmund in 2019. The player have been astounding in the World Cup and will be hoping to continue doing it at Stamford Bridge after the Premier League resumes again.

Christian Pulisic’s performance with Chelsea

The American captain have reportedly scored 26 goals and have registered 21 assists for the Blues in 133 appearances. The American have also won the Champions League with the Blues in the 20/21 season. The player have only scored one goal for the Blues in his 18 appearances. Pulisic would be hoping that his performance at the World Cup would impress the Chelsea manager and that he would get the chance to flourish at Stamford Bridge. With the manager undoubtedly watching the players, Pulisic can rest assured that he have managed to remind the world of his potential.

American’s hope to return to the domestic leagues

Pulisic would need to take this form of his back at Stamford Bridge after the World Cup. After seeing his performance with his national team, Potter would think twice before thinking of selling him to other clubs. Potter would be hoping to utilize this form of the player at Stamford Bridge, with the side currently sitting eighth in the table.

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