Chelsea player confirms he has no intentions of leaving this summer


Chelsea defender Marc Cucurella has expressed his complete commitment to remaining at the club during the summer transfer window. In an interview with Football London, he stated that he is content and satisfied with his current situation at Chelsea. Despite the challenging campaign the entire squad experienced last season.

After joining Chelsea on a lucrative £175,000-a-week contract, the Spanish international, Marc Cucurella, faced difficulties in replicating his previous performances at Brighton. As a result, he received criticism from both fans and pundits for his inability to adapt to his new surroundings in West London.

However, Cucurella has recently expressed that he experienced immense pressure during the previous season. Despite this, he remains committed to rectifying his performances at Stamford Bridge and aims to make amends in the upcoming season.

Chelsea and their ideas

In his statement, he affirmed his desire to continue playing for Chelsea. Stating that he is content with his current situation at the club. He acknowledged that the previous season was challenging for all the players, including himself. As they needed time to adjust to the demands of playing for a big club like Chelsea. The lack of results put additional pressure on the team, which made it difficult for them to perform to their potential. Despite being professional footballers, he emphasized that they are also normal people who face challenges like everyone else.

Confirming his commitment to Chelsea, the player expressed his satisfaction with his current position at the club. He acknowledged that the previous season presented challenges for the entire team. Including himself, as they required time to adapt to the high expectations associated with playing for a prestigious club like Chelsea. The team’s struggles and the resulting pressure made it challenging for them to showcase their full potential. Importantly, he emphasized that despite being professional footballers, they are also ordinary individuals who encounter difficulties just like anyone else.

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