Chelsea regains its captain as Reece James nears a full recovery


The injury of Reece James left many to wonder if he will return to the Chelsea formation, which he will.

The Blues‘ captain lost his chance to play while in the Chelsea training grounds. This occured after the Liverpool match which is the suspected cause. Marking him as the 9th player lost to injury alongside Christopher Nkunku, Romeo Lavia, and many other significant team units.

The injury in question was indeed a hamstring injury, which is a far better result that the assumed muscle tear. Still, this means James will not be making a swift recovery, nor will he see play until the international break.

This is disappointing to many, including club manager Pochettino, who hoped to witness the player’s performance after his Liverpool match. Still, the manager has high hopes for the player’s future once he makes his recovery, a recovery which he estimated.

The future of Reece James within as a Chelsea player

According to Pochettino, the player will be back in action after the international break, most likely in the coming September.

“It’s a hamstring. It’s not a few days, a few weeks maybe. I think it’s a sad moment because he’s our captain, he was so excited to be the captain, full of energy. We are going to assess him day by day. He is going to come back stronger than he was.” Stated the manager in his Friday press conference.

This marks yet another defensive vacancy which the blues must fill, which might be impossible. The quality of Silva, Nkunku, and James is unquestionable, making their sudden leave a task with no simple solution.

“Those wing-backs are crucial and if they lose them the whole thing could fall apart a little.” stated SkySports reported Nevile.

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