Chelsea Star Fights Back: Ready to Take Matters into Own Hands to Exit

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According to Corriere dello Sport, Romelu Lukaku’s relationship with Chelsea was already strained before his loan return to Inter Milan last season. And it has deteriorated further. The Belgian striker does not plan on staying at Stamford Bridge and is aware that his only option for returning to Inter is through another loan.

Lukaku is dissatisfied with Chelsea due to their attempts to persuade him to join Al-Hilal. Which he did not appreciate. As a result, he has taken it upon himself to address the Chelsea management upon his return to London. With a clear message: “Inter, and nothing else.”

Following Belgium’s game against Estonia, Romelu Lukaku is reportedly planning a strategic move, refer to as a “blitz in the City.” Possibly with the support of his lawyer. Sebastien Ledure. Ledure played a crucial role in arranging Lukaku’s initial loan deal with Inter Milan.

Chelsea and the Lukaku discussions

On the other hand, Chelsea had high hopes for Lukaku to have a successful season. And potentially sell him this summer to boost their finances. However, if Lukaku insists on another temporary deal with Inter. It would mean postponing the issue for Chelsea.

Refusing Lukaku’s request would come with the risk of dealing with a dissatisfied player earning a substantial annual salary of €12m net. Consequently, Chelsea may find themselves with little choice but to agree to Lukaku’s demands.

I believe the player has made the decision to “take control of the situation” and intends to convey a clear message to the Chelsea management upon returning to London: “Inter and nothing else.” Following the match against Estonia for Belgium. He is planning to make a strong statement in the city. Potentially with the assistance of his lawyer Sebastien Ledure. Who played a crucial role in arranging the initial loan with Inter.

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