Chelsea still on the pathway set by Roman Abramovich


Chelsea Football Club made Graham Potter their latest manager casualty. The owner of the club Todd Boehly had previously sacked Thomas Tuchel to appoint Potter as his successor. Despite receiving significant financial support, Potter was unable to deliver the expected results which ultimately led to him getting fired.

Even though, Todd Boehly was the one who backed Potter in the beginning, it didn’t take him a lot of time in sacking Potter when he received pressure from the fans. His decision-making is a lot similar to the previous owner of Chelsea – Roman Abramovich. The functioning of the club has been in a certain way for the past decade. The people within the club don’t waste time in making changes at the top if they see incompetency.

How does this relate to Abramovich’s decision-making at Chelsea?

Speaking to Forbes in 2021, the former Chelsea owner said,

“I think we are pragmatic in our choices.”

“And we are comfortable making the right changes at the right time to ensure we can achieve our long-term ambitions.”

“I hope it also says something about the clarity of the long-term ambition of the club.”

Since purchasing Chelsea in 2003, Roman Abramovich managed to sack 14 managers. This staggering statistic is a reflection of the high standards that he set for the club. And it also shows his unwavering commitment to achieving success. He saw the manager as the key figure who set the tone for the team and determined the style of play. As such, he placed a great deal of importance on the manager’s ability to deliver success on the field of play.

Similar to the russian billionare, Todd Boehly has now sacked 2 managers since his takeover in May, 2022. People can expect Boehly to follow in the footsteps of Abramovich with strict and quick decision-making whenever required.

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