Chelsea to face points deduction if found guilty

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Chelsea could face points deduction in summer if they are found guilty of breaching profitability and sustainability rules. Previously Premier league clubs have already undergone point deduction and everyone is aware of serious consequences of getting points deducted.

Why are Chelsea getting points deduction

Chelsea have failed to maintain a consistent profit. Ever since Todd Boehly took over, he has been reported to have spent more than £1 billion. However his spending hasn’t been justified as the players signed have failed to deliever. The Blues are set to miss champions league for the second time in a row. Chelsea could also not be able to spend freely this summer market. In addition to these The Blues could get points deducted in summer which is raising the pressure.

Chelsea hoping to avoid this are taking all preventive measures. They are ready to sacrifice many of their star players this summer along with homegrown players. The recent reports show that Chelsea are also taking some hard decisions to not get point deduction. Football Finance Expert Stefan Borson reported that Chelsea are looking to sell their Cobham training ground to themselves so that they can show the profit according to Express.

Chelsea have also sold two Stamford bridge hotels to sister companies. They have claimed a profit of £76 million for those hotels. However Premier League has not approved this claim even though the deal was done 10 months ago. Speaking upon this topic UEFA has insisted that the deal should contain a fair market value.

What are Premier League rules

Premier League rules permit clubs a maximum loss of £105 million over the course of three years. Loss over this results in breach of PSR rule which is followed by points deduction. Recently Everton received points deduction last year for their breaches in 2021/22 season. Everton were landed with 10 points deduction in November to which club opposed and made an appeal. Their appeal turned out to be successful and the point deduction was reduced to 6 points. Hoever in April they were again handed with 2 more points deduction. In total Everton were deducted of 8 points.

Nottingham Forrest were also deducted of 4 points this season for their breach in 2022/23 season. They also had appealed against the decesion but the board has rejected their appeal. Manchester City are charged with 115 breaches in PSR rules. All of their 115 breaches in the course of 2009 to 2018 will be heard in trial which is expected to begin in October.

Currently Chelsea are in danger to breach PSR rules. The Blues have reported to record a loss of £121 million last year. To avoid points deduction, Chelsea need to earn more than £125 million before June 30. The Blues have already started sorting their players out for sale. Their main focus is to sell academy talents in order to achieve pure profit.

Except Chelsea, four other clubs need to take caution when it comes to breaching PSR rules. Manchester United, Liverpool, Aston Villa and Newcastle United all need to be extra careful in upcoming days. These club along with signing should be able to maintain a stable profit to avoid points being deducted in future.

What are UEFA’s rules

Along with Premier league, Chelsea could also face charges from UEFA. UEFA’s rules are more strict than Premier League and Chelsea could be penalized if they achieve European spot at the end of the season. According to UEFA, the clubs are only allowed to have maximum loss of £34 million over two years.

Along with Chelsea, Aston Villa also seems to get penalized by UEFA. Villa have recently achieved their spot in Champions League. However they have recorded a loss of £120 million last year which breaches both Premier league’s and UEFA’s rules.

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