Chelsea won’t sell their captain, Reece James


Chelsea Football Club has unequivocally asserted that Reece James is not on the market. Reece James is the club captain. And at right-back is one of the best players that the club has right now. There has been reported interest from football powerhouses like Real Madrid and Manchester City. However, Chelsea has firmly designated James as “untouchable” and is resolute in retaining his services.

Speculation had swirled, particularly stemming from Spanish outlet AS. They suggest that Real Madrid views Reece James as the long-term successor to their veteran right-back, Dani Carvajal. Chelsea‘s commitment to keeping their captain stands as a testament to their determination to preserve the core of their squad.

Reece James has assumed a pivotal role at Chelsea. Both on and off the field, he has been entrusted with the captain’s armband. He established himself as one of the team’s linchpins. His impact on the pitch has cemented his status as an indispensable asset for the club.

How Chelsea views Reece James

Furthermore, Chelsea‘s position is fortified by the fact that James is under a long-term contract. Thus affording them a considerable advantage in any potential transfer negotiations. Irrespective of how the season unfolds, Chelsea have no intentions of parting ways with James.

Reece James, at the youthful age of 23, not only assumes a pivotal role at Chelsea. He also showcases immense promise on the international stage, representing England. James had a standout performance in the 2021/22 Premier League season. He contributed five goals and nine assists from the right-back position. Thus underscoring his significance to Chelsea‘s present and future aspirations.

He continues to attract attention from top clubs due to his potential and impressive skill set. However, Chelsea‘s unwavering determination to retain his services serves as a potent testament to his immense value to the team.

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