Chelsea’s Champions League future is predicted by Paul Merson


Paul Merson have predicted Chelsea’s future in the Champions League competition. Paul Merson believes that Chelsea might end up winning the Champions League. He believes that they have a positive chance of winning the Champions League this season. Moreover, the European champions league remains to be the only chance for the Blues to win a trophy this season. Manchester City have already knocked the Blues out of both domestic leagues. Therefore Champions League is the only option left for them to win. Hence they are expected to put all their focus in the Champions League. It took a few massive performances for them to qualify for the group stages. So they actually might challenge for the trophy if they continue to put in a good performance.

Paul Merson believes Chelsea have got what it needs to win the Champions League

Despite of having a bad run in the domestic League, Chelsea have shown up in the European League. Although they did struggle in the early stages of the group stage, they seem to have recovered from that. Paul Merson belies that winning the Champions League could still be on their agenda this season. Merson commented,

“I’ve just got a feeling with Chelsea. They’ve got a nice draw with Borussia Dortmund, and I expect them to win over two legs. They’re out of the Premier League and all the cups. This is their last chance. Chelsea have looked very solid in their last couple of games. Their defence has done very well, and they should be able to get to the quarterfinals. Once they get there, you never know. They’ll get a few players back, and I’ve got a gut feeling with them.”

He further adds,

“If they’re away from home against Bayern Munich or PSG, I’m not sure with Chelsea. With the other ties, however, I do fancy them. They’ve got clean sheets in their last two games, and I do fancy them to get through. Chelsea haven’t got anything else to play for. They can rest a lot of players before a Champions League game, and they’ve got a lot of eggs in one basket. They’ve got great squad depth, and they can become massive contenders once all their players are back.”

Chelsea obviously have plenty of experience in big games. They have had their big moments in Europe for many years now. They even won the tournament against all the odds back in the 2021 and 2012 seasons. While Chelsea might rely on some nice draws but there is no reason to believe that they cannot go all the way.

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