Chelsea’s €70 Million Striker Swap Deal: A Win-Win for All Parties

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In the summer transfer window of 2021, Romelu Lukaku made his move to Chelsea in a €70 million deal. Unfortunately, Lukaku’s return to Stamford Bridge turned out to be one of the club’s most regrettable acquisitions in recent history. With controversies both on and off the pitch, the Belgian striker’s tenure was nothing short of disastrous. As a result, Lukaku was loaned back to Inter Milan.

Currently, it appears unlikely that Lukaku will return to Chelsea. And the club is now considering the possibility of a permanent sale. While Inter Milan has expressed interest in keeping Lukaku, an unexpected contender has emerged, offering a potential solution that benefits both parties involved.

Chelsea: The Dusan Vlahovic-Romelu Lukaku Swap Deal

According to an article by Matt Law in The Telegraph, Juventus has shown interest in acquiring Romelu Lukaku as a potential replacement for Dusan Vlahovic. This comes at a time when Vlahovic is rumored to be leaving Juventus this summer, prompting the Bianconeri to plan for his successor. Law suggests that Chelsea could address two issues simultaneously by orchestrating a deal that sees Lukaku transferred to Juventus while bringing Dusan Vlahovic in as Chelsea’s new No.9.

It is evident that Lukaku’s days wearing a Chelsea shirt are likely over. However, his departure from the club this summer may prove to be a complex process. Chelsea aims to recoup a significant portion of the £97.5 million they invested in Lukaku. And while his sale will undoubtedly result in a financial loss, the club cannot afford to undersell him merely to conclude this troublesome chapter.

If the reports regarding Juventus’ interest hold true, Chelsea could potentially negotiate a swap deal, accompanied by a cash component, involving Dusan Vlahovic and Romelu Lukaku. Such an arrangement could prove mutually beneficial. Juventus would acquire a proven Serie A striker in exchange for Vlahovic, who had a lackluster season. It would be wise for Juventus to capitalize on Vlahovic’s current market value before it potentially declines further.

For Chelsea, Vlahovic would seamlessly assume the role of the club’s new No.9. Moreover, they would offload a high-wage player who clearly lacks the desire to represent Chelsea. The success of the deal hinges on the relative valuation of both players, considering not only their financial worth but also their playing abilities. Both Lukaku and Vlahovic experienced disappointing seasons. But a resolution must be reached regarding Lukaku’s status as a Chelsea player before the start of preseason.


The prospect of a striker swap deal between Chelsea and Juventus involving Romelu Lukaku and Dusan Vlahovic. It presents an opportunity for all parties involved to find a favorable outcome. By parting ways with Lukaku and acquiring Vlahovic, Chelsea can address their need for a new No.9. While also freeing themselves from a discontented player. Similarly, Juventus would secure a proven striker while capitalizing on the market value of Vlahovic. As negotiations unfold, it remains essential to consider the financial aspects and the players’ on-field performance. Resolving Lukaku’s situation before preseason should be a top priority for Chelsea.

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