Chelsea’s offer for Enzo Fernández is rejected by Benfica again

Antonio Nusa

Chelsea are constantly in talks with Benfica for the transfer of Enzo Fernández. However, both clubs are unable in come to conclusion. It is reported that the new bid by Chelsea have been rejected again by Benfica. The two parties are unable to come to an agreement for the player. Furthermore, the Benfica president have been adamant that Enzo Fernández will only leave the club if Chelsea agrees to pay €120m. Chelsea will have to pay a €120m release clause if they want to sign the player. Chelsea had agreed to pay €120m but they insisted on paying the amount in installments. It was presented by Jorge Mende to Benfica higher-ups. The vice presidents were scheduled to attend a different program in Covilhã. But they had to return to Lisbon immediately after Chelsea’s proposal.

Enzo Fernández’s bid from Chelsea is rejected by Benfica

Benfica have reportedly rejected the proposal by Chelsea. However, they still have some time to make another proposal for Enzo Fernández. Chelsea will have to convince Benfica‘s president with their revised offer. The Blues are trying their best to sign the player. However, Chelsea are still confident that they could end up signing Enzo Fernández. New reports suggest that the president of Benfica, Rui Costa have canceled his prior commitments to talk with Chelsea chiefs. The higher-ups of both clubs are to meet and discuss the future of the player. But the player have already indicated that he wants to leave Benfica and join Chelsea. However earlier this month he celebrated his goal with Benfica fans, which had given the fans some hope that he wants to stay at Benfica.

But now he has have a change of heart and is now pushing for a transfer to Stamford Bridge. Enzo Fernández have been putting pressure on Benfica for a move. But the Benfica president is adamant about not letting him go in any less amount. Chelsea will have to pay the full amount if they want to sign the player. The club wants Chelsea to pay €120m in one go. The Blues are willing to pay but they are ready to pay in installments. However, it is still believed that Enzo Fernández could end up joining the Blues.

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