Chris Sutton said he would start Nketiah over Jesus though he is incredible

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Chris Sutton has praised Arsenal striker Jesus but said will prefer Nketiah over him to start. Sutton said this owing to Nketiah being a better finisher. Sutton was speaking to The Monday Night Club on BBC Radio Five Live after Nketiah bagged a brilliant hat-trick to lead the Gunners to a 5-0 win over Sheffield United on Saturday. With Jesus picking up an injury, Eddie got a chance to start and he grabbed the opportunity with both hands. It was a real deal for him as he shuts down the haters who doubted him. Sutton said,

“It’s interesting, Alan Shearer’s comments on Nketiah, did he say he’d never be the first-choice number nine or words to that effect? I think he’s a really talented player. The way he took his first goal, brilliant, brilliant touch and awareness. And everybody talks about the third goal. But he is a finisher. He is. He’s 24 years old. He still has time on his side. So I wouldn’t go as far as what Alan said about him, because I do think he has time. Look at Ian Wright, got into the game late, really, really developed and kicked on.

“I’m not going to write Nketiah off at all because I think he is so talented that that [nastiness] can still come.

“So Jesus has great attributes, but one of them, I think it’s fair to say, isn’t being a natural finisher. I think we’d all agree that Nketiah is a better natural finisher than Jesus. But what is Jesus? He is horrible. If you had a bit of both, they’d be perfect, wouldn’t they?

Replying whether he would pick Nketiah over Jesus following his comments, he said, “I’d start him then.”

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