Chris Sutton’s optimistic view on The Reds Premier League title hopes


Liverpool had a challenging match against Luton Town over the weekend. Their performance led to securing just one point, but it was Luis Diaz’s late goal that salvaged the situation, allowing the Reds to head back home with something to hold onto after a disappointing night in Bedfordshire. However, even with this result, it’s evident that Liverpool still possesses the necessary qualities to compete at the top of the Premier League.

This season marks a period of transition for Liverpool. Before the season commenced, not many supporters dared to dream of Liverpool being title contenders. Yet, after playing 11 Premier League matches, Liverpool finds itself in third place, trailing behind Manchester City and the unbeaten Tottenham Hotspur.

This season, the Reds holds significant importance in proving their worth after a relatively lackluster previous term. They must believe in their potential to win the league and showcase their strengths on the field.

During their encounter with Luton, Liverpool had several opportunities to score. However, they failed to convert many significant chances. Despite Luton’s commendable performance and resilience, Liverpool’s inability to capitalize on scoring opportunities influenced the final outcome of the match.

Sutton’s view on Liverpool Premier League title hopes

Chris Sutton, in particular, maintains a strong belief in Liverpool’s capability to challenge for the league title. He contradicts Jamie Carragher’s viewpoint, expressing confidence that The Reds can indeed mount a serious challenge despite Carragher’s doubts.

He said,

Do I think Liverpool will win the league? No. Do I think Liverpool can really put a challenge in? Yes, I do.

He responded to the comments of Jamie Carragher by saying,

I don’t why Jamie Carragher has written them off as such. As well as Luton played yesterday, and they did play well, they were really resilient, Liverpool still missed a lot of chances, big chances.”

For Liverpool, they need to instill a strong sense of self-belief to challenge for the league title this season. It’s an opportunity for them to exhibit their identity following a somewhat disappointing prior season.

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