Conor gallagher may have played his last game for chelsea.

Chelsea played their last game of the season on sunday. Current situation tells that conor gallagher may have played his last game for chelsea. Club owners are looking to sell the home grown talent to balance their financial books. The sale of conor gallagher will directly help the club in financial play regulations.

Chelsea played their last game of this premier league season and they defeated bournemouth, though the win was not convincing but a win is a win. By defeating bournemouth on 19 may chelsea won back to back 5 games in a row. Chelsea finished the season on a high after bad performances mid season.

Chelsea have also qualified for the european place. If manchester united defeats manchester city in the FA cup final then chelsea will play UEFA conference league and united will play UEFA europa league but if united fails to defeat the current premier league champions then chelsea will play UEFA europa league.

Conor gallagher captained the blues in the last game of the season he’s been doing this quite often this season. Conor gallagher have captained the blue’s several times this season in the absence of club captain and vice captain ben chilwell. Ben chilwell and reece james missed out this season due to injuries.

Conor gallagher has been an important player for the blue’s this season he made 50 appearances across all competitions.

Midfield partnership between caicedo and gallagher

Gallagher has dropped to deeper role this season alongside moises caicedo in the absence of Argentine midfielder enzo fernandez. The combination has worked very well for the blue’s

Enzo fernandez is the second most expensive player in the history of chelsea.

Tottenham planning to sign Gallagher

According to reports tottenham are interested in acquiring the services of conor gallagher. Conor gallagher is not interested in leaving chelsea but if the owners wants he will definitely have to leave.

gallagher wants to stay in london and this is best opportunity for the north london club to bolster their squad in the summer transfer window

Tottenham started the season very well under the new australian manager but they didn’t ended the season very well. They just finished 1 position behind UEFA champions league place they will be playing UEFA europa league next season. But tottenham have shown lot of progress under Ange postecoglou.

This season tottenham played attractive and attacking brand of football under the australian manager.

Ange postecoglou will be looking for an overhaul before the start of the next season and in order to reinforce their midfield they will looking to add conor gallagher in their ranks. Reports suggest that tottenham are looking to sign one more chelsea player to strengthen their defensive ranks. Tottenham are eyeing Trevoh chalobah to reinforce their defensive ranks.

Chalobah broke into the first team in 2021, But he is not a regular starter at chelsea. Chalobah missed out 1st half of the season due to an injury. His performance after coming back from a injury has been decent and he was a regular in the the team in the later half of the season. Despite good performances in the later half of the tournament it looks like his time at the Stamford bridge is over. Spurs signed two centre backs in the previous two transfer windows. And they are still in search of another defensive option to bolster their squad. Chalobah is a perfect fit for spurs as he already have experience of playing in the premier league. If spurs wants to sign chalobah then they can do it for cheap as he is available for only 30 million.

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