Cricket South Africa to prioritize T-20 over Test

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Chief Executive of Cricket South Africa, Pholetsi Moseki has made it clear the board will give more priority to the T-20 format if the game. Henceforth, the traditional format of the game, that is the Test, will stay backwards.

However their words rightly support their approach. South Africa will play nearly half of the number of tests Australia and England will play individually. In the recently announced Future Tours Programme (FTP) schedule from 2023 to 2027, South Africa will be playing just 28 Tests. However, England will have to play 43 test matches. So do Australia will play 40. However, India have 38 tests to play in tge new FTP cycle.

When the 2023- 27 Future Tours Programme schedule was announced it looked like South Africa stood deprived from their deserving opportunities. However that isn’t the cause. Moseki cleared the clouds while he spoke to the Daily Maverick 168 newspaper.

Test over T-20 to encourage the new T-20 League

Cricket South Africa Chief Executive Pholetsi Moseki said,

“We have a clear strategy about what our needs are. The ICC paired teams together in the schedule, but the number of games was determined by the two countries involved.

Moseki clarified the move as “intentional”. He moreover informed the motive behind the move. The motive is to strengthen the T-20 League they are going to launch. The league, will start either in January or in early February.

Moseki said,

“So, you might say the schedule is ‘light’, but it was intentional on our side. Remember, we needed to make space for our new T20 competition in January and early February.

Pholetsi Moseki further added,

“Those dates are now ringfenced in the calendar and that has had an impact. International cricket doesn’t stop for our internal competitions, but we had to carve out space. We have chosen to have fewer Test matches.”

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