Cristiano Ronaldo asks his agent Jorge Mendes to find him a new club

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According to Sport, Cristiano Ronaldo has instructed his agent Jorge Mendes to look for a new club. Manchester United have struggled a lot in the first half of the season and may take some time to be a proper team again. However, Ronaldo is 36-years-old and does not have that much time. He needs s club that is already built and who will help him win trophies.

His return to United is the exact opposite of what he would have thought when he came back. United are nowhere near the race for the title and are out of the EFL Cup. The only trophies United can win now is the FA Cup or the Champions League. Both of the trophies look tough as there are better teams than United in these competitions.

Ronaldo is a winner and has won silverware everywhere he went. Although he is in good form having scored 14 goals in 21 appearances, there just can’t seem to be a game where United dominates. Even after Solskjaer, Rangnick is not able to get the response he would have wanted to get from his players.

However, very few teams in the world can afford the wages of Ronaldo. The report suggests that Barcelona remains interested to sign the Portuguese. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee how Barcelona can offer Ronaldo. Moreover, Ronaldo may not join them as he has a great time at Real Madrid and the fans will not be happy if that happens.

Why Cristiano Ronaldo is growing frustrated at Manchester United?

Things were very similar for Ronaldo during his time at Juventus. However, he was able to win at least a few trophies and was able to break a few records. However, that does not seem to be the case at United. Ronaldo must have thought of it as a good move as United played well enough in the last season but something has just turned off at the club.

He is 36-years-old and his arch-rival Lionel Messi has won yet another Ballon d’Or. Ronaldo needs a good team that will help him get the best out of him. He needs a system surrounded around him to thrive. However, United had a system under Solskjaer which was disturbed due to the sudden arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo. Ole was not able to fit Ronaldo in his plans and was sacked as the club faced consequences.

The story after Ole’s sacking is also very similar as Rangnick does not have the kind of players he likes at the club. These players are suited for Ole but not for Rangnick. As a result, Rangnick is not able to get the best team or the best outcome for United. Consequently, Ronaldo is getting frustrated over the fact that United might take a few more years to win a trophy.

If Cristiano Ronaldo is to leave then he should make the decision quickly as he does not have much time. Moreover, it might take some years for a team to be developed around him. He can either go to an already successful team or wait with the club in the developing process. If he does not see his future at the club then he should take action on it as United will then need to build a new system excluding Ronaldo.

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