Crucial F1 rule update expected to be rolled back

F1 update

F1 was believed to get a new rule update for the 2023 season. However, the latest reports state otherwise regarding the update.

Earlier, plans were all set to reduce the weight of the 2023 F1 cars. Regarding this, an important rule update was expected to come soon bringing the weights of the 2023 cars down by 2kgs. In technical regulations published last month, it was stated that the minimum weight of this year’s car will stand at 796kgs – 2kgs lesser than the 798kgs last year.

However, a German newspaper has reported that the plans are no longer coming into play. According to the reports in a recent meeting of the technical advisory committee of the sport, the idea was dropped.

The German outlet reports that earlier the plans to reduce the weight by 1kg were also considered. Moreover, the meeting also considered increasing the minimum weight by 1kg to 799 kg.

Regardless, in a meeting in mid-January, it was decided to keep the rules unchanged for this year. The reason behind dropping the update by F1 is still unknown. With weeks to go for the lights out in Bahrain, the axing of the update further looks weird.

Nevertheless, it is believed that the reason behind the increase in weight comes down to Pirelli. The company is providing with new front tyres which are believed to be heavier than their older counterparts.

The weight of Formula 1 cars have been on a rapid increase in recent years. The cars used to be 642kgs around 10 years ago. Many drivers including Max Verstappen have complained about the increase in weight of the F1 cars.

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