Culer getting bluer? Fabrizio Romano on Gavi to Chelsea rumours


Fabrizio Romano recently addressed the rumours of Pablo Gavi joining Chelsea circulating on social media. Over the years Fabrizio Romano has made his name as ‘one of the most reliable journalist in the footballing world‘. Moreover, he provides information which is easily comprehendible and efficient, on popular social networking platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Furthermore, his pages are a centre of all encompassing news and media regarding football, thus garnering immense engagement from the fans.

Fabrizio on Gavi to Chelsea

Multiple news outfits recently reported about Gavi’s potential move to bluer pastures in the Stamford Bridge. Since Chelsea currently struggle in the midfield department due to lack of ample reinforcements. Thus, an all purpose high, intensity midfielder like Gavi would be just what the doctor ordered. However, leaving the Chelsea fans blue hearted, Fabrizio gave a statement on this matter. He said ( according to The Chelsea Chronicles), “Sorry to disappoint you Chelsea fans but there is not much to this story.” He mentioned that Barcelona have not made-up their mind about the summer transfer window and even then Gavi is an ‘untouchable‘ squad member. The estimated price of any such move is made up to be about 100m euros. The price tag may seem hefty, however in modern market, this is a reasonable price for quality.

Spain Sweet Home

FC Barcelona have faced certain monetary problems due to previous financial mismanagement. However, they still have never compromised on the quality of their squad and their ambition to stay on top. Gavi stands for everything that Barcelona represent, coming from their fabled La Masia academy. More than being just a homegrown talent, Gavi is an important cog of Barcelona’s midfield machine. Being well versed in tiki-taka and La Pausa make him an ideal Barca midfielder at a young age. Even in dire times when 100 million euros could significantly help Barcelona.

It would be next to impossible for them to sell a budding gem, and resorting to a selling club behaviour. Thus, Gavi for better or worse will thrive and play in his home, that he loves, for many years to come.

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