Daniel Ricciardo sacking – F1 world reacts

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Everyone had different reactions for McLaren sacking Daniel Ricciardo for his Australian counterpart Oscar Piastri.

It has become almost clear that Oscar Piastri will replace Daniel Ricciardo at McLaren in the 2023 season. The most disappointing thing amidst all this is the fact that Ricciardo has a contract till the end of 2023.

Ricciardo is having a really bad season with McLaren this year. However, the team had promised earlier this year that they would not lose faith in Ricciardo and that he was their main focus.

Ricciardo had also promised he won’t leave McLaren and make a comeback with the British team.

Nevertheless, after Alonso’s move to Aston Martin, things escalated really quickly.

It can be estimated that Oscar Piastri must have been in contact with McLaren beforehand. It is believed that Piastri’s management team was in talks with McLaren even before his contract with Alpine came to an ‘end’.

They have been believed to sign a pre-contract with McLaren beforehand only. The move of Alonso just triggered a chain reaction as Alpine deliberately tried not to lose two drivers within 2 days!

However, it didn’t work for Alpine and now we can say neither for Ricciardo. The Australian probably got dragged into Alpine-Piastri-McLaren chaos without even knowing anything.

But now it can be said that the Australian is pursuing to leave the contract before 2023, which he might eventually do.

F1 World reacts to Daniel Ricciardo sacking

It is on Daniel Ricciardo to terminate the contract before time. Nevertheless, it can be believed he is under pressure to do this exact thing.

F1 world was not silent on this matter and came out to express their views about the matter.

ESPN’s Kate Saunders came out to condemn McLaren. She wrote:

“It reflects very poorly on Brown and McLaren how they have treated Ricciardo over the past six months.”

“Ricciardo, the only McLaren driver to have won an F1 race since 2012, has been the first to admit his performances have not been up to the standards he set at Red Bull and Renault but it feels as though he has been made as a scapegoat to deflect away from deeper problems at the team,”

added Saunders.

He wasn’t alone in praising the Aussie and supporting him through these tough times:

“Amid all the rumpus and pressure you have to commend Ricciardo on his grace and professionalism over these last few months. Says everything about him as a man. He is a class act and I hope he keeps smiling and doing it his way,”

tweeted Tom Gaymor.

“Ricciardo is getting a taste of his own medicine” – some think Ricciardo had his time and should leave now

Daniel Ricciardo has a huge fan base. The 8-time race winner is pretty popular among fans.

Nevertheless, some were not supportive and believe that the Australian had his time in the team and should make way for Piastri.

Mohan Gupta tweeted:

“Ricciardo is getting a taste of his own medicine when he left Renault to join McLaren and this is proof that that was not right move for him. Now, he will probably end up at Alpine if not leave F1. This is crazy.”

“I’ll always be a fan of Ricciardo, but can you really blame McLaren? They’re paying him out the ass for a driver who’s scored only 20% of the team’s points so far,”

added Gannon Burgett.

The way things are unfolding, it will take a long time to decide Ricciardo’s future.

Also, Alpine will likely draw Oscar Piastri and McLaren into a legal dispute.

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