Daniil Medvedev feels more confident with his new T-Fight 305 racket

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Daniil Medvedev is the current World No.1 according to the ATP rankings. The Russian player wasn’t able to participate in the Wimbledon, Championships due to the ban on the Russian and Belarusian players. Yet, the player feels motivated to defend his US Open title which he won against Novak Djokovic last year.

Daniil Medvedev’s current tally of Grand Slams is one and he definitely would want to increase them in the coming years. This led him to work not only on his gameplay but also on his equipment choices.

In terms of the equipment choices, he believes that he has changed his defense into offense with his newly updated Technifibre T-Fight 305 racket. He says that he enjoys the struggle that opponents have to face on the tennis court. And the balance these new rackets provide him against his opponents could be considered as the reason why World No.1 is too much in love with them.

“What I really like about the racket is that it’s perfectly balanced,”

he says.

“I like to turn defense into offense and I feel that with this racket I can perfectly do that.

However, Medvedev is currently getting an edge against the other players as the others are planning to shift to these rackets in January. Therefore expect a full range of an expanded version of T-Fight 305 options coming in 2023.

Patrice Chabrel, who is the product manager says :

“Data from the men’s tour shows that Medvedev serves up a perfectly balanced game. Hence, he needed a racket to match, whether managing short or long rallies or offering up one of the winningest service games in the sport.”

More insights about Medvedev’s all-new T-Fight 305

The French brand designed the racket in a laboratory in Paris. This time they laid their focus around the forgiveness and balance aspects. The new Isoflex technology provides the frame with sweet spots on off-center hits. The team has also worked on balancing the flexibility of the strings to provide a better-balanced system.

Chabrel also mentions

“Designers were able to achieve a more consistent string bed for both power and precision in the 18×19 string pattern. The more open string pattern than an 18×20 creates additional power and spin.”

The T-Fight 305’s frame geometry gives major importance to the balance of Medvedev values. A portion of the frame is equaled for more control and less power. While the design of the racket provides a stiffer frame for maximum power and less control.

“Our innovation has fused the square and elliptical sections, taking advantage of both,”

Chabrel says about the technology behind Tecnifibre.

“It is the perfect mix. Powerful to hit winners, but stable at ball impact.

It will be more interesting to see Medvedev playing with his new T-Fight 305 racket in the US Open. The last Grand Slam tournament of this calendar year will be starting on 29th August.

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