David Ferrer shocked by Rafa Nadal’s doping accusations

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Spanish tennis legend David Ferrer was shocked to hear about the doping accusations against Rafael Nadal. These accusations came to light after Nadal lifted his 14th French Open title.

At the French Open, it came to the notice that the player used anesthetizing injections for two weeks to numb the pain in his foot. After the tournament, French cyclist Guillaume Martin accused the tennis legend of using the wrong medication and possibly accused him of doping.

David Ferrer who’s also a great admirer of his compatriot said in an interview

“That is total ignorance, because in the end they pass the same ADAMS controls as anyone, it is the same control. Playing [under anaesthesia] does not mean that you are doped or doing something illegal. It is simply an infiltration to be able to endure the pain at some point. Even the cyclists, tennis players, athletes, any type of sportsperson can do, because it is the same organization of all the sports.”

Sometimes it amazes me that athletes without real knowledge can speak so freely.”

he further added.

David Ferrer did not find Martin’s comments on Nadal’s professional

The accusations against Rafa created a controversy in the tennis world. Except that the players didn’t want to talk about it since it’s on one of the biggest tennis stars.

Meanwhile, Guillaume Martin told to a press channel,

If a cyclist does the same thing, it’s already forbidden. But even if it weren’t, everyone would call him doped. This is because there is such a cultural background.”

He also told

“While people praise Nadal for being able to go this far in pain. I believe that [AC Milan forward] Zlatan Ibrahimovic also spoke about his knee injections. They pass for heroes because they go far in pain, but in fact, they use substances to go far in pain. And again it’s very borderline.”

“The winner on the bike, in particular that of the Tour de France, even if there is no element behind it, it’s a possible doping activity.”

David Ferrer later responded through a media channel that such an allegation is not a sign of good sportsman spirit. Nadal has earned everyone’s respect and such accusations should be very carefully undertaken by the tennis authorities.

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