De Bruyne Dubs Ødegaard a ‘Creative Machine’ Yet Fernandes Reigns Supreme


In a recent interview with Sky Sports, Manchester City maestro Kevin De Bruyne shared his admiration for Arsenal’s attacking midfielder, Martin Ødegaard.

Amidst the accolades, De Bruyne still held Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes in higher esteem. Citing his sustained excellence as a decisive factor.

De Bruyne’s Rankings: Fernandes, Odegaard, and Maddison

During his interview, De Bruyne was presented with the task of ranking his preferred midfielders among Bruno Fernandes, Martin Ødegaard, and Tottenham’s James Maddison. The decision came effortlessly to the Manchester City star as he placed Fernandes at the pinnacle. De Bruyne’s reasoning lies in Fernandes’ consistent brilliance over the years, solidifying his status as a midfield maestro. He also noted Ødegaard’s creativity and control, while expressing curiosity about James Maddison’s potential in a top-tier team.

In De Bruyne’s words,

“I think he’s a creative machine, in general. Ødegaard is very creative but a little bit more controlled. Maddison is also really creative, but I need to see more of him in a big team. He’s [Fernandes] been doing it for such a long time. Ødegaard was amazing last year, but obviously he’s younger, so that’s a difference.”

Stats Speak of Excellence

Odegaard’s impact extends beyond mere praise, as his statistics paint a vivid picture of his contributions. With 89 Premier League appearances to his name, Ødegaard has showcased his versatility and enduring impact on the field. His abilities have translated into an impressive tally of 24 goals and 13 assists.

As the football world gazes at Martin Ødegaard’s meteoric rise, it’s clear that he’s carved his place among the Premier League’s finest attacking midfielders. Despite facing challenges during his time at Real Madrid, Ødegaard’s journey has taken a remarkable turn under the tutelage of Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta.

With Arsenal harboring ambitions of securing the Premier League title, Ødegaard’s form will be a decisive factor. As the 2023-2024 season unfolds, Ødegaard’s consistency and brilliance on the pitch will play a pivotal role in Arsenal’s pursuit of glory.

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