Declan Rice impresses fans and pundits on Champions League debut


Danny Murphy and Anton Ferdinand recently engaged in a discussion, heaping praise on the ‘sensationalDeclan Rice. It was for his outstanding performance since joining Arsenal, with Murphy going as far as to describe him as exceptional.

This conversation unfolded on Rio Ferdinand‘s YouTube channel, during the discussions about Arsenal’s much-anticipated Champions League match against PSV Eindhoven. Rice emerged as Arsenal’s marquee signing during a bustling summer transfer window. He shattered the club’s transfer fee record following his impressive stint with West Ham.

The immense pressure that typically accompanies such a high-profile move didn’t seem to faze Rice. He seamlessly integrated into Arsenal‘s midfield. His swift adaptation was evident. It was highlighted by a crucial goal he scored in their 3-1 victory over Manchester United. That was just before the international break.

Murphy and Ferdinand on Declan Rice of Arsenal

Both Murphy and Ferdinand couldn’t help but shower Rice with accolades for his remarkable start at Arsenal. Murphy couldn’t contain his admiration, stating,

“He’s exceptional, isn’t he? He’s incredibly talented,”

while emphasizing on how Arsenal fans are now witnessing the full potential of this gifted player. Ferdinand, despite his allegiance to West Ham, expressed his sheer delight at Rice‘s success, saying,

“I’m thrilled for him. Regardless of his past club, which I support, I admire him both as a person and a player, and I want to see him excel.”

Rice‘s impressive start with Arsenal aligns seamlessly with his consistent trajectory of improvement over the years. He maintained exceptionally high-performance levels during his tenure at West Ham. This reliability has seamlessly transitioned to his time at Arsenal.

Thomas Partey has undoubtedly been a valuable addition to Arsenal’s midfield. However, Rice’s arrival offers an additional layer of depth and dependability. Rice boasts an impressive track record, having played over 100 club games during his final two years with West Ham. Moreover, he did not miss more than 32 league games in a single season over the last five campaigns.

This on-field consistency, combined with his remarkable availability, positions him as an invaluable asset for the Gunners. Unsurprisingly, his consistently stellar performances continue to earn him accolades from pundits and fans alike. Thus, making him an integral part of Arsenal’s ambitious journey.

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