Declan Rice is apparently being used as a smokescreen by Arsenal

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Arsenal are accused to use Declan Rice as a smokescreen to make another signing. The Gunners are looking to bolster up the midfield this summer. Declan Rice have been linked with Arsenal for quite sometime now as the player wants to play in the Champions League. However some believe that Arsenal’s interest in the player is a smokescreen. The Gunners are apparently using him to sign other players that they are interested in. Arsenal were looking to prioritize signing Declan Rice as they wanted more competition in the squad for Thomas Partey. Rice’s contract with West Ham at the end of next season. Therefore the Hammers could try and cash in for the player before that. The interest from Gunners was revealed in the January transfer window. The Gunners wanted to add another midfielder to their squad before the end of this season.

Declan Rice could be used as smokescreen by Arsenal

Lee Dixon, an Arsenal icon believes that their interest in Declan Rice is not genuine. Dixon believes that the Gunners will not be willing to pay that much for a single player. He believes that Arsenal would likely try and sign other players like Caicedo. Furthermore Dixon shared, “I don’t think Arsenal will pay £100million. I don’t think Rice is worth £100million to be honest, I think West Ham are going to want even more than that. I don’t know who Arsenal are looking at.” He further added, “But based on the way they’ve recruited so far I would suggest that they’ve got alternatives. It might be that Rice is a bit of a smoke screen, and they’re not really that interested. I think he’s a really good player but I’m not convinced he will be at Arsenal next season.”

Dixon was further asked on who should Arsenal go for if not Declan Rice. Dixon stated, “I like Caicedo. I think the Brighton model in terms of what they’re doing with their replacement of the players that they sell is brilliant.” He further went on, “I’m a big admirer of what Brighton are all about and Caicedo certainly fits in at Arsenal. I think he’s a really good player.”

Both Declan Rice and Caicedo have expressed their willingness to play in the Champions League. Both would be a good signing for the Gunners as they both are players with extreme abilities.

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