‘Doing things together’ is Shikhar Dhawan’s way of bonding with the team

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India’s stand-in skipper Shikhar Dhawan recently mentioned that he likes to do things together with the Indian team.

India are currently on a tour of the Caribbean and Dhawan is of the opinion that team bonding is very much important when you are off the field as well.

Recently, Dhawan made an Instagram reel in which he recorded several members of the team along with head coach Rahul Dravid.

This shows the great camaraderie that both Dhawan and Dravid share.

Both of them were paired up last year for the tour to Sri Lanka and Dhawan says that there is a great understanding between him and Dravid.

He also added that whenever he is with the youngsters, he wants to share his experiences with them.

Dhawan especially likes to talk about the mental aspect of the game and bring a positive impact on the games of the youngsters.

Jokingly, Dhawan said that earlier they used to have only team dinners but now they do Instagram reels as well.

He said that if it makes the team happy, so there’s no harm in doing the activity.

Recently, Dhawan returned with scores of 1, 9 and 31* against England. Dhawan’s inability to play in the last two ODIs raised a critical issue for India which was the top order.

But, Dhawan said he is not bothered about the outside chatter and remains positive in his outlook and approach to the game.

India won yesterday’s ODI against the West Indies by a narrow margin of 3 runs. Mohammed Siraj delivered the final over under a lot of pressure.

India are now 1-0 up in the 3-match ODI series.

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