Don’t chop and change advises 2003 ODI World Cup Captain Ganguly


Don’t chop and change, advises 2003 World Cup captain Sourav Ganguly. Sourav Ganguly led India in the 2003 World Cup team, and they entered the finale alongside Australia as their opponents.


In 2003, India reached the ODI World Cup finale for the second time after having a magnificent win in their first finale in 1983. Sourav Ganguly captained the Indian team in 2003. Although, India faced defeat by the strongest side of that time, Ricky Ponting’s Australian team. Yet they received appreciation for their fight-back spirit. Moreover, Indian team at that time used to stick around a set of players and made fewer changes to the team.

Talking on a YouTube channel named backstage with boria, Sourav Ganguly stated

We had a settled combination. That’s the most important thing. We were a very good team by then and had started winning, We were on song, We had some fantastic players. That’s why I keep saying don’t chop and change ahead of a major tournament. Have a set of players together for 1 year and let them win or lose and get ready as a team”

He further added

Australia did not chop and change for years between 1999-2003 and that’s why they were so good. For that one year in 2003, we had won everything. We won in the West Indies, won the Natwest and except for the blip against New Zealand on those pitches, we won it all. We went to South Africa as a very good team. That’s why it is important that we have our 14 by the Asia Cup, the same 14-15 that will play the World Cup. It is key you know your combination and don’t keep chopping and changing till the last minute”

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