Early Jesus Signing A Good Sign For Arsenal

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According to journalist Charles Watts, Gabriel Jesus will join Arsenal before the official start of preseason. It will provide Arsenal with a “huge” boost, as he can familiarize himself with his new teammates and get the hang of Arteta’s tactics. 

We are, like I said, just one step away now from Gabriel Jesus being officially an Arsenal player. And getting him on board now before preseason, before they go away to the United States.

And that’s going to be massive. It’s going to give him time to bed-in, to adjust to his new surroundings, build up a rapport with his teammates.

So many times we’ve seen Arsenal be lackadaisical almost in their approach to the transfer window – leave it too late, rush everyone in and the end. And it’s taken a while to adjust.

Charles Watts on his YouTube Channel

Prior to the start of the new season, some of the club’s players returned to London Colney. However, not all of the first-team group was present because they were still on vacation after their international games. They will now head out to pre-season to the United States Of America. They are due to face Chelsea, Orlando City and Everton in Florida and Baltimore respectively.  

New Outlook At Arsenal?

It is true that Arsenal have left their business late into windows. This has often been a disadvantage: players are unfamiliar with the system, and take time to be up to speed.

A pre-season allows them to be settled and adapt to the new environment. Doing this in the midst of a season and games can be detrimental for both the club and the player.

Once the Brazilian officially registers, he will want to get as ready as he can for the upcoming season. It appears that this early-season transfer might really benefit him.

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