ECB admits pay for top players will increase amid threat from global leagues

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The t20 leagues all over the world are taking over the charge surprisingly. Players are participating in all leagues wherever and whenever possible. They provide a large financial agreement that drags the player to such leagues. West Indian cricketers are one of the examples as all the players register themselves for different leagues all over the world. There has always been an allegation that players give importance more to the league than to their national side. These changes are very mournful for the sport cricket and act as disrespecting their respective nations. ECB took charge of it and admitted to increasing the pay scale of their players amid the threat of the global league.

ECB action on increasing the pay of top players

England Cricket Board the very much concerned about their players security. Their players participate in all global leagues. They are signed annually. The chairman has to say if a player gets injured there, he is unable to participate for the national side. There is also a sense of insecurity that a player might give importance to the league.

There is inflation going on in ECB. All other expenses have been curbed but the chairman has to say despite all inflation the player pay will rise definitely. There is a need to check to lose their own talents. Moreover, ECB will sign them for a certain year contract which provides a sense of security to the players and maintain their financial stability.

Some of the statements of the new chairman of ECB, Thompson:

” We’ve got to guard against it [losing talent to T20 leagues]. Security is one of the things we can provide them. If you’re going from one league to another and you get injured, you’re done. But if a country can say ‘here’s a three-year contract’, that’s very different. As for player pay, that’s only going up, isn’t it? I can’t see how it can’t. It’s impossible because it’s got to compete with global leagues and they are paying significantly more than you can earn in the Blast and the Hundred.

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