Eddie Nketiah’s Hat-trick Stirs Debate: Sutton and Redknapp Weigh In

The recent hat-trick of Eddie Nketiah for Arsenal has reignited discussions about his potential as a leading striker. Former Chelsea star Chris Sutton and ex-Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp share their insights, with both praise and constructive criticism for the young forward.

Sutton Lauds Nketiah

Chris Sutton, always forthright with his opinions, lauded Nketiah’s knack for finding the back of the net. He pointed out Nketiah’s exceptional finishing skills, saying,

“He’s got that natural goal-scorer’s instinct.”

However, Sutton also believes that to ascend to elite status, Nketiah needs to cultivate a more aggressive edge to his game. Despite being 24, Sutton feels Nketiah still possesses ample time to refine his skills and silence his critics.

Gabriel Jesus’s injury provided a contrasting backdrop for Sutton’s analysis. While acknowledging Jesus’ many strengths, Sutton argued that Nketiah boasts superior natural finishing prowess. When posed with the hypothetical choice between the two forwards, Sutton didn’t hesitate to back Nketiah.

Sutton’s emphasis on a striker’s need for ruthlessness came to the fore in another discussion. Drawing parallels with iconic forwards like Alan Shearer and Ian Wright, Sutton remarked that these legends wouldn’t have passed up a penalty opportunity, focusing on amplifying their goal tally instead. He counseled Nketiah to embrace this level of competitiveness and selfishness to truly excel in his position.

Redknapp’s Observation

Harry Redknapp, another respected voice in football, chimed in with his observations. He likened Nketiah’s playing style and finishing prowess to Arsenal’s iconic Thierry Henry. However, he cautiously avoided drawing a direct equivalence, indicating that while Nketiah is promising, equating him to a legend like Henry might be premature.

Eddie Nketiah’s evolving journey with Arsenal continues to capture attention. As he notches up impressive performances, experts and fans alike dissect his potential, strengths, and areas of growth.

With such a spotlight on him, future performances of Eddie Nketiah will be keenly watched, as the football world awaits to see if he can truly become Arsenal’s next big star.

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