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A lot of humdrums are taking place at Stamford Bridge, although this is not something new since Bohely’s takeover. As per new reports, Chelsea star Conor Gallagher will not fit into the plans of Enzo Maresca. Last season, Chelsea finished in an abysmal position of 6th in the Premier League table under Pochettino. This led to the Argentine’s departure from the club under (alleged) mutual consent. Chelsea finds new hope under Italian manager Enzo Maresca, who recently conquered the championship with Leicester City. Maresca, however, has a mammoth responsibility on his shoulder to bring Chelsea back to the top of the table. This definitely comes with a restructuring of the squad, and that could lead to the departure of a key player, Conor Gallagher. Most of the speculation stems from within the deep roots of the club. This will indeed be a certain blow for the players and the fans. 

Speculations in rise inside Chelsea locker room: Gallagher and Maresca being hot topics

Conor Gallagher has been serving Chelsea for a long period of time. He had been at the club since his youth and made his ranks high on the starting eleven. He is about to reach 100 appearances for the team he grew up with and has played brilliantly at Chelsea’s darkest moments. Following stints under several Chelsea managers, Gallagher now finds himself in danger following the hiring of Enzo Maresca. The Englishman is one of the most talked-about players in recent memory, and his contract at Stamford Bridge is set to end in around a year. The two teams with the greatest interest in the player with the most appearances under Pochettino are Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspurs.

The 24-year-old was clearly better than the two other midfielders, with a staggeringly overpriced market value. However, according to The Guardian, times are difficult for the midfielder, as people inside Chelsea feel ‘may not be suited to the possession football’ that Maresca favours. This, along with a short-term contract, are possibly the main reasons to sell the player in time to make a profit. Gallagher is an England international under Gareth Southgate for the upcoming Euros. Under such circumstances, he is one of the top-profile players in the market from whom good clubs can secure stability in midfield.

A new opportunity or digging a grave?

In the upcoming season, teams like Tottenham and Villa will be participating in European competitions. They are in dire need of backups, especially English passports that come at a cheap rate. Gallagher at 50 million pounds is surely a bargain for top clubs, even if Chelsea and Maresca are not interested. The Blues will be playing in the conference league after Manchester United’s win in the FA Cup. Considering this, Gallagher’s move to a club like Villa will turn out to be only better for his career, giving him the opportunity to play in the in the Champions League under a manager like Unai Emery. Honestly, the ball is in the Englishman’s court. He might refuse to leave this season, and Chelsea will end up letting the player go for free in the following year. There is a possibility of the plan backfiring for Chelsea and losing them precious pounds.

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