English Coach Brendon McCullum dissmisses ‘Bazzball’ hype

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England’s Test coach Brendon McCullum upon being asked about the new term said that there is no need of giving undue importance to the term ‘Bazball.’ Coach also commented on the comments made by Aussie batter Steve Smith about England. Talking about the term. It is referring to the newly adapted way of playing an Aggressive red ball game. This term came into use after Skipper and Coach joined the party.

The English team white-washed kiwis 3-0 in the first season of English summer. Later with the same approach, the Hosts defeated India leveling the series 2-2. England chased their record-highest target. Where the batter Joe root and Jonny Bairstow scored century.

In a recent Interview, Aussie in form batter has not liked the ‘Bazzball’ tactic. The batter questioned if the English batter can withstand the likes of Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazelwood, and skipper Pat. To this, the coach replied Excelling in the green top pitch with these bowlers would be tough for sure.

No Idea what ‘bazzball’ means : Brendon McCullum (English Coach)

While speaking to Adam Gilcrist on Breakfast. The Coach said. “No, I don’t have any idea what Bazball is, having a bit of a go, but the boys have been fantastic, couldn’t have asked for a better start really. I’m sure that our guys will try and still maintain a really positive approach. I think the real key is not just the crash and burn if we look at the approach of how the guys have done it.

That’s why I don’t really like that silly term that people are throwing out there, because there’s actually quite a bit of thought that goes into how the guys manufacture their performances and when they put pressure on bowlers and which bowlers, they put pressure on. There’s also times where they’ve absorbed pressure beautifully as well,”

Since the selection of the new captaina and the coach for red-ball game. England have won all the test matches played.

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